CHP's Imamoglu expresses satisfaction with early election results

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Ekrem Imamoglu expresses satisfaction with early results showing strong support, as 40% of votes from Sunday's local elections are counted

CHP's Imamoglu expresses satisfaction with early election results

As the counting process of votes is underway following the critical local elections held Sunday, the main opposition party, the Republican Party (CHP)'s candidate Ekrem Imamoglu expressed contentment with the initial outcomes, indicating a favorable response from the electorate with 40% of the votes tallied.

The CHP leader expressed satisfaction as he addressed the public three hours after the polls closed.

"We currently have data approaching a 40% completion rate," Imamoglu stated, emphasizing the positive early indicators.

"What I can say is that the trust our citizens have in us is being reflected in the results. The populace's support is clearly visible."

Imamoglu's remarks came amid the unfolding of the election results, which were closely watched across Türkiye.

The mayor highlighted that the preliminary data favored his party and that the current snapshot of results was highly satisfactory.

"This is a moment of considerable satisfaction for us," he added, alluding to the optimistic trends observed as more votes are counted.

Local elections on March 31, 2024, were seen pivotal for Türkiye. Istanbul's mayoral race is particularly significant because of its political and economic influence.

As the vote counting progresses, all eyes remain on Istanbul, where the early results are interpreted as a gauge of the public's sentiment toward the current administration.

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