Voters in Mugla move from polling stations to sunny shores as temperature rises

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Mugla's local election day turns into a sun-soaked affair as voters flock to beaches, enjoying temperatures of 26 degrees post-voting

Voters in Mugla move from polling stations to sunny shores as temperature rises

As the people of Mugla participated in the local elections Sunday, they were met with an added delight: a gloriously warm day.

The temperature, reaching a high of 26 degrees Celsius, beckoned the voters to the polling booths and the allure of the nearby beaches.

On election day, the sun shone brightly in the Fethiye, Bodrum, and Marmaris districts, offering a respite from typical spring weather.

After exercising their right to vote, residents were seen embracing the unexpected summery ambiance.

The balmy weather, entirely above the seasonal average, made election day a day of joy and community gathering.

The story of the day was not just about ballots but also about beaches.

In Fethiye, where the air temperature was a comfortable 26 degrees and the sea a refreshing 19 degrees, locales like Belcekiz and Kumburnu beaches saw a significant influx of people.

While some relaxed under the sun, others plunged into the cool waters. Adventure enthusiasts added a thrill to the day by paragliding off Babadag to enjoy a bird's-eye view of Oludeniz.

Emre Karamanli, who was out with his family, shared his experience: "Right after casting our votes, we came here to enjoy the weather. It's about 30 degrees – hotter than usual. The beach is full of voters and tourists alike, and we are all enjoying a dip together."

The story in Bodrum was similar. The shores were bustling with people who had completed their voting. From Kumbahce to Gumbet, the entire peninsula was alive, with residents and visitors enjoying the sunny day.

While some strolled with their pets, others preferred to relax at the local cafes.

The scene in Marmaris mirrored this, with the beach areas teeming with people reveling in the pleasant weather.

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