At least 29 dead, 13 injured in Istanbul entertainment center fire

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A fire in a 16-story building in Besiktas, Istanbul, tragically claimed 29 lives and left 13 others injured, seven of them in critical condition

At least 29 dead, 13 injured in Istanbul entertainment center fire

At least 29 people lost their lives and 13 others were injured, seven of them seriously, in a fire that broke out in an entertainment center located in a 16-story building in Besiktas province of Istanbul, the Istanbul Governorship announced Tuesday. 

The fire broke out for unknown reasons in a building on Gundogdu Street on Gayrettepe Yildiz Posta Avenue. 

Upon notification, fire, medical, and police teams were dispatched to the scene. Police took precautions in the surrounding area.

Firefighters intervened with 31 vehicles and 86 personnel.

A statement from the Istanbul Governorship stated that a fire broke out at 12:47 p.m. due to renovation work in the entertainment center operating in the basement of the 16-story building located in the Gayrettepe neighborhood.

The statement noted that upon notification, numerous fire and medical teams were dispatched to the scene.

"In the fire, 10 people lost their lives, and a total of 13 people were injured, 7 of them seriously. The injured have been transferred to hospitals in the area," the statement added. 

Justice Minister Yilmaz Tunc announced that 3 public prosecutors have been appointed in the investigation launched into the fire.

Minister Tunc said, "Arrest warrants have been issued for a total of 5 suspects, including 3 individuals related to the business, the responsible manager, and 1 person in charge of the renovation, regarding the incident. The investigation is being conducted meticulously and comprehensively."

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