Schools canceled in Spain due to flooding

2023-05-24 13:36:36 | Last Update : 2023-05-24 13:40:20

Streets were flooded due to flooding caused by heavy rains in the south of Spain, while education was suspended in schools.

Schools canceled in Spain due to flooding
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Heavy rains, which were effective on the southern coasts of Spain yesterday, caused flooding of streets and avenues. 

Education was suspended in kindergartens, schools and universities due to the rainfall. The autonomous regions of Murcia, Valencia and Andalusia, which were most affected by the rains, were on high alert due to flooding. 

In the city of Cartagena in the Autonomous Region of Murcia, emergency services teams started working to evacuate flood waters from the streets. 

Basements of houses and workplaces were flooded and parked vehicles were swept away by flood waters, Ihlas News Agency reported.


In a statement made by the Spanish National Meteorological Agency (AEMET), it was stated that the rainfall that has been effective in Valencia for several days has been more than the amount of rainfall seen in the last 6 months in some regions. 

According to the agency, the town of Ontinyent recorded a record amount of rainfall in one day, which has not been seen in May for the last 100 years. Due to the rains, the water level in the Clariano River in the town rose.

AEMET Spokesperson Ruben del Campo said in a statement that the rains could alleviate the effects of drought in the country, which had a dry spring season.

While no casualties and injuries were reported in the flood disaster in the country, the rains are expected to be effective throughout the week.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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