Refugee ship ‘Bibby Stockholm’ evacuated due to legionella bacteria in UK

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The ‘Bibby Stockholm’ ship, where irregular migrants were placed in the United Kingdom (UK), was evacuated after discovering the aquatic legionella bacteria, which causes lung disease.

Refugee ship ‘Bibby Stockholm’ evacuated due to legionella bacteria in UK

Legionella bacteria have been found in the water on the 'Bibby Stockholm', which is docked at Portland Port in the south of the UK, a port for irregular migrants, according to local media sources.

While the decision was taken to move the irregular migrants on the ship, where 39 of the 50 people to be placed on the ship were brought, to other points, the delegation headed by the Minister of State for Migration Robert Jenrick decided to hold a meeting to discuss the issue.

It was stated that the bacteria in question has not yet shown symptoms in any migrant, it was stated that if the tests to be carried out are clean, the migrants will return to Bibby Stockholm.


Legionnaires' disease, whose symptoms resemble flu but progress to pneumonia, can cause respiratory failure and multiple organ failure when left untreated.

Legionella bacteria, usually found in human-made water systems, are more common in crowded environments such as hotels, dormitories, and hospitals.


The Bibby Stockholm ship had come to the world agenda as part of Britain's plan to move about 50 thousand irregular migrants in hotels to less costly places.

The ship, which arrived at the port in July, is scheduled to carry 500 male migrants between 18 and 65 within 18 months.

The ship, where the first migrants started to move last week, has been criticized by human rights organizations and the civil society supporting migrants for not being suitable for mass living conditions and for being a "prison ship".

While it is also stated that a fire and emergency on the ship would cause a disaster, the British government plans to carry more migrants on more ships.

The government also intends to move the migrants to unused buildings and large tents to be set up in military installations.

Source: Sputnik

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