US deploys saw buoy on Mexican border: 2 dead

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The United States (US) has placed saw buoys on the border with Mexico. The dead bodies of 2 migrants were found near the saw buoys.

US deploys saw buoy on Mexican border: 2 dead

The United States (US) has enacted an inhumane sanction to stop irregular migrant crossings from Mexico, according to Ihlas News Agency.

The floating barrier planned to be built by the US governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, on the Rio Grande River on the border with Mexico turned out to have sawed buoys. The lifeless bodies of 2 migrants were found near the buoys.

It was revealed that saw buoys were used in the floating barrier, which was started to be placed on the Rio Grande River on the border of the Mexican border with the Texas state government last month. Democrat Sylvia Garcia, a member of the US House of Representatives, released images of the saw buoys, urging Texas Governor Greg Abbott to immediately end this cruel practice.

Governor Abbott argues that the floating barrier project, which came to the agenda with the announcement made last June and started to be built in July, was implemented to prevent irregular migrants from entering the USA, while US President Joe Biden accuses his government of being inadequate in this regard.


Mexican authorities said in a statement that the dead bodies of 2 migrants were found near buoys on the Rio Grande River on August 3 and 4. It was stated that one of the migrants who lost his life was 20 years old and of Honduran origin, while the identity of the other migrant has not yet been determined.


While Mexico sent 2 diplomatic notes to the US government over the floating barrier project, Mexican Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena had recently demanded the removal of the buoys in a meeting with her US counterpart Antony Blinken.


The controversial barrier project was also opposed by the US government because it could cause humanitarian and environmental problems, and the US Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the Texas local government last July to remove the barriers.

Source: Ihlas News Agency

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