Turkish defense industry set sights on European market

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Turkish defense company CANiK expands its global footprint with the establishment of CANiK Europe in France, aiming to solidify its position in the European market through strategic initiatives

Turkish defense industry set sights on European market

The Turkish defense industry is making efforts to become a bigger player in the global market by expanding exports of various products.

With an expanding product portfolio, the Turkish defense industry is seeking to deepen its presence in traditional markets such as Asia, Africa, and Gulf countries while also making initiatives to expand in European countries. Various steps are being taken to achieve this, including increasing product sales, acquiring companies, establishing new companies and creating joint productions.

One of the companies making efforts in this direction is the firearms manufacturer CANiK. Having previously acquired AEI Systems, a well-established defense industry company from the United Kingdom, CANiK has now established a company in France. The new company, CANiK Europe, became CANiK's third overseas company, following CANiK USA and AEI Systems.

Aiming for top 3 spot in European market

CANiK Europe is the company's first company established on the continent. CANiK's products are currently used in 25 European countries. This company coordinates all of CANiK's sales and marketing activities in Europe and provides on-site after-sales services.

CANiK, already among the top five in its field in Europe, wants to claim the top third spot by expanding its presence on the content with CANiK Europe. 

Viewing Europe as a large and important market, CANiK will utilize its new company to strengthen its presence and establish a robust operational infrastructure.

Why France?

The selection of France for the establishment of the new company was influenced by factors such as the size of the country's market, its proven track record of success for  CANik and the absence of a domestically owned handgun brand in France.

In addition to France, CANiK will also have logistic bases in two other strategic locations in Europe. Thus, the European operations will be carried out through three logistic bases.

These investments will enable better market understanding, faster response to real-time developments, and in-depth penetration. Additionally, effective support services will be provided to all distributors.

CANiK will consider establishing new companies as needed, taking into account market developments.

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