United States Special Forces team to Israel disclosure by social media team

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United States (US) President Joe Biden's social media team revealed the soldiers who will support Israel's hostage rescue operation. Sharing the photo of the Delta Force team visiting the White House and shaking hands with Biden, the team did not censor the faces of the soldiers. The post, which caused a great reaction, was deleted immediately after the mistake was realized.

United States Special Forces team to Israel disclosure by social media team

Israel continues its attacks on the Gaza Strip, which has been under blockade for 17 years. A scandal signed by the team of United States (US) President Joe Biden, who announced his unconditional support for Israel during his visit to Tel Aviv, has become one of the most talked about topics on the country's agenda.

US President Joe Biden's administration accidentally deciphered the identity of a group of soldiers who were stated to be used by Tel Aviv to rescue hostages held by Hamas. The official Instagram account of the White House posted a photo of Biden shaking the hand of a soldier from the army's elite counter-terrorism unit.

In the photo, which has received thousands of likes, the faces of the soldier Biden saluted and three other Delta Force members are clearly seen.  A White House spokesperson admitted to The Washington Post that the photo remained online for about an hour.

"As soon as this came to our attention, we deleted the photo immediately. We regret the error and any problems it may have caused," the White House spokesman said.


The faces and names of soldiers assigned for special operations are kept secret in order to prevent them from being identified by the enemy if captured and to prevent counterintelligence activities.

The scandal caused by the White House's carelessness has become one of the most talked about issues in the country at a time when the agenda is intense. It is rumored that the personnel whose faces are exposed may be pulled to different missions for the safety of the rest of the team.

Source: WSJ

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