Sixth day in Kahramanmaras earthquake: Loss of life exceeded 22 thousand

2023-02-11 09:06:02 | Son Güncelleme : 2023-02-11 09:22:31

Search and rescue efforts continue on the sixth day of the 7.7 and 7.6 earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaras. While the earthquake caused great destruction in 10 provinces in Türkiye and north of Syria the loss of life exceeded 22 thousand. Hopeful waiting continues...

Sixth day in Kahramanmaras earthquake: Loss of life exceeded 22 thousand
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Having experienced two of the most deadly earthquakes in its history, Türkiye is racing against time. The 7.7 magnitude earthquake that occurred in Kahramanmaras on Monday, February 6 at 04:17, caught people asleep. Those who entered their homes to get their belongings during the daytime were shaken by a second earthquake. The 7.6 magnitude earthquake caused the pain to multiply. The number of destroyed buildings and citizens under the rubble increased. As we enter the fifth day of the 'disaster of the century', the balance sheet is getting heavier with each passing hour, and on the other hand, the hopeful wait continues for those who are under the rubble.


Announcing the painful balance of the 7.7 and Elbistan-centered 7.6 earthquakes that occurred in Kahramanmaras, Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) reported that 20,665 people lost their lives and 80,088 people were rescued.

In rebel-held northwestern Syria, rescue workers said more than 2,037 people died and 2,950 were injured.