European Muslim Forum calls for 'support for Erdogan' in the runoff of the presidential election

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The European Muslim Forum has announced its support for Turkish President Erdogan in the runoff of voting in the presidential election on May 28.

European Muslim Forum calls for 'support for Erdogan' in the runoff of the presidential election

Members of the European Muslim Forum from different European countries called on the Turkish public to support Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in presidental elections at a press conference in Istanbul, Anadolu reported.

Abdul-Vahed Niyazov, President of the European Muslim Forum, said Erdogan is not only the president of Türkiye but also the leader of the ummah.

Noting that Istanbul was the center of the caliphate for 500 years, Niyazov said, "Thanks to our brother, Hagia Sophia was re-gifted to Muslims."

Niyazov said that 170 million Muslims live in the European continent today and added: "Türkiye's destiny is important for us."


Speaking at the press conference, Ruslan Kurbanov, Council Member of the European Muslim Forum, said that he comes from Derbent in Dagestan and considers himself a part of the Seljuks and Ottomans.

Pointing out that Erdogan is a leader who protects the family and spiritual values of the world's Muslims and is working for the unification of the Turkish, Islamic and Arab worlds, Kurbanov said that they call on people living in Türkiye to support Erdogan.

British journalist Lauren Booth, who came from London to make this call, said that Western countries are looking down on Türkiye and campaigning against Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Emphasizing that Turkey, under the leadership of the AK Party, has preserved all its cultural values, Booth said that when she looks at the young people in Turkey, she sees that they do not appreciate their country.


Sheikh Omar al-Qadri, President of the Council for Peace and Integration of Irish Muslims, stated that every leader should follow the path of Allah and govern his country accordingly.

Pointing out that Erdogan was one of the leaders who did everything for human rights and ensured religious freedoms in his country, Kadri said, "After Erdogan, people started to live their religion as they wanted."

Stating that the Turkish economy has been growing continuously under President Erdogan, Kadri said that Erdogan has been successful in the fight against terrorism and has shown his support for Palestine to everyone.

Eldar Iraziev, Advisor to the European Muslim Forum, said that the whole world is talking about Erdogan. Stating that actors and artists in Türkiye play in Seljuk and Ottoman TV series but do not support Erdogan, Iraziev said, "All Muslims should unite for the resurrection of Islam."

Source: Anadolu Agency

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