Istanbul prosecutor launches probe into post-election social media posts

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Istanbul prosecutors initiate investigations into social media accounts for provocative and manipulative posts following local elections

Istanbul prosecutor launches probe into post-election social media posts

The Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor's Office has announced that an ex officio investigation has been launched into social media accounts that have shared provocative and manipulative posts about the March 31 local elections.

The Prosecutor's Office investigated social media accounts that shared false, misleading, and distorted information about the local elections, aiming to disrupt public order and peace.

The probe also looks into posts that openly disseminate provocative and manipulative content, incite hatred and hostility against one group of people in favor of another, and contain elements of crime.

This action addressed disseminating misleading and potentially harmful information that could negatively impact the public discourse and societal harmony following the elections.

The investigation aims to identify and address any legal violations related to the dissemination of false information, manipulation, and incitement to hostility on social media platforms.

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