President Erdogan addresses nation following local elections: 'A turning point for democracy'

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'Regardless of the results, the primary winner of this election is our democracy, our national will' President Erdogan says

President Erdogan addresses nation following local elections: 'A turning point for democracy'

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, chairman of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), delivered a speech in front of the AK Party headquarters in Ankara regarding the March 31 local elections.

Erdogan commenced his speech by thanking all citizens who exercised their will freely at the ballot box, regardless of their political affiliation. He expressed gratitude to the election boards and polling staff who diligently fulfilled their duties with a high sense of responsibility.

'Election's winner is our democracy'

"In the March 31 local elections, the Turkish nation once again conveyed its messages to politicians through the ballot box. March 31 is not an end for us; it is actually a turning point. Regardless of the results, the primary winner of this election is our democracy, our national will. Türkiye, for which we have sacrificed heavily, has emerged victorious before the candidates in the election marathon; it is our democracy."

"We do not recognize any power above the will of the people. We have never hesitated to accept their approval or to submit to their will. As a government, we will continue to support all locally elected officials, chosen by the people's votes, in their endeavors for the good of their cities, as we have done so far."

'March 31 not an end for us, but turning point'

Erdogan highlighted that the elections were held in line with democratic standards, without any incidents that could disrupt the electoral environment. He also praised law enforcement's effective interventions, which prevented significant disruptions by separatist groups in Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.

"We concluded the elections with maturity befitting our democracy. The will of the people manifests itself at the ballot box; the people convey their message to politicians through the ballot; the people express their warnings and approvals through the ballot. The manifestation of the people's decision at the ballot box without any pressure or manipulation is a great gain for our democracy."

'We did not achieve outcome we hoped for in this election test'

"The March 31 elections marked our 18th electoral test in the past 22 years. We will continue to exist and succeed after this. Nine months after our victory in the May 14-28 elections, unfortunately, we did not achieve the results we hoped for in the local election test."

"The People's Alliance prepared intensely for the election exam, and AK Party cadres worked day and night with extraordinary dedication. Over the past two months, I personally visited 52 different cities, integrated with the people, and embraced them. Sometimes, every outcome has a silver lining."

'We will begin to see positive results of economic policies in second half'

"We will evaluate the messages conveyed by the people at the ballot box in the most accurate and objective manner and take necessary steps to correct our mistakes. As a political entity that has completed its 21 year in power, we are aware of our responsibilities both in the government and in local administrations."

"We will pay more attention to our country's issues, especially in addressing the problems in earthquake-stricken areas. We will start to see the positive results of our economic program in the second half of the year. Thanks to our successful operations, we will definitely deliver a deadly blow to the terrorist organization, which we have cornered tightly. We will not allow terrorism to be established beyond our southern borders. We are determined to eliminate the last remnants of the network responsible for the July 15 coup attempt. We will address the issues that have been pushed to the background during the election process and take necessary steps swiftly."

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