Ozgur Ozel expresses gratitude for citizens who uphold democracy

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Ozgur Ozel, leader of the main opposition party CHP, expresses gratitude for the election results and emphasizes the importance of unity

Ozgur Ozel expresses gratitude for citizens who uphold democracy

The General Chairperson of the main opposition party, the Republican People's Party (CHP) Ozgur Ozel addressed the press at the party's headquarters regarding the outcome of the March 31 local elections.

Expressing his delight at the fact that the Republican People's Party (CHP) is currently the leading party, as seen on TRT screens for the first time since 1977, Ozgur Ozel shared his gratitude with all voters.

"Thank all citizens regardless of their party preferences"

"Today, by going to the ballot boxes in all 81 provinces of Türkiye and standing up for democracy with their votes, I sincerely thank all citizens regardless of their party preferences. I express my gratitude to the polling station committee members, observers, and volunteers who served from all parties in the 206 thousand polling stations," 

"After our organization, I would like to extend a special thanks to the mayors of Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin, Adana, and Antalya, who were elected from the AKP to the CHP in 2019. Additionally, our mayors who were re-elected in the last election deserve special praise and recognition for holding the flag even in the toughest times and never giving up,"

"Apart from these mayors, I also feel obliged to thank all our candidates, both at the provincial and district levels, who have shown the courage and confidence to assert that we govern the metropolitan municipalities as if they were CHP-led municipalities."

"CHP has now broken the invisible 25% ceiling"

Ozel emphasized that everything is just beginning for the Republican People's Party, which significantly increased its votes nationwide. He also stressed they are the architects of today's victory and attributed it to CHP's clean and honest governance.

"The most important message of the success we have achieved today is this: CHP has now broken the invisible 25% ceiling over its head and shattered it to pieces."

"Our success will not be anyone's defeat"

"I want it to be known that there are no losers in this victory. Our success will not be anyone's defeat. Regardless of which party people voted for today, we do not want anyone to feel like they have lost. Our cities have been entrusted to safe hands. It is necessary to express that our voters have approved and supported the change our party has undergone."

"CHP is now the party of all Democrats. We do not interpret these voters as having become CHP supporters; we see this as a task they have given us, and we hold this trust above our heads."

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